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Danforth Media is a design strategy firm that provides software product planning, user research, and design concept iteration. We deliver credible insights and creative solutions that allow our clients to produce successful customer-focused products.

Our industry expertise includes Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Non-profit, and Retail.

We offer usability and workflow optimization for:

  • eCommerce applications and Websites
  • Mobile, “smart” device applications
  • Transactional & financial applications
  • Broadband, and media browsing

Why Danforth Media?

  • Insightful Analysis - Our primary goal is accurate insightful analysis. We are experts in effectively interpreting research results into real-world design ideas.
  • Research Driven - Our user-centric approach is deeply rooted in research; we use it to drive all of our design decisions. We are at the forefront of industry best practices in user research.
  • Accessible - We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and our deliverables are as user-friendly as our design ideas. We know how to make the process enjoyable, too.
  • Past Success - Our client list is one of the best reasons to work with us. We have fifteen years in user centered design and have helped leading companies improve their products.

How We Work:

  1. Plan. Danforth Media works with clients and their stakeholders to create a user-centric research plan that will evolve a planned or existing product's design. Our goal is a plan that will reveal clear opportunities for improvement.
  2. Deliver. Once the plan is defined, we execute on it with the client, thoroughly analyze the results, and provide phased recommendations along with specific illustrated design ideas and concepts.
  3. Socialize. We enhance our client's ability to socialize designs. We actively assist in communicating ideas (and their benefits) by producing professional presentations, workshops, readouts, and documentation.
  4. Sustain. Consultation is provided during implementation to ensure the best initial outcome. We then help clients navigate the next steps that will leverage outcomes into sustainable product design process enhancements.




User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Usability Analysis, User Testing, Web Design, Alignment Workshops, Interactive Strategy and Design

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